Mike Ott, Black Canvas Guest, Contemporary Film Festival

Mike Ott’s films have won numerous awards including the Someone To Watch Award at the Independent Spirit Awards. He recently completed his desert trilogy which includes Littlerock, Pearblossom Hwy, and Lake Los Angeles, as well as Actor Martinez, co-directed with director Nathan Silver, premiered in Rotterdam and presented at Tribeca in 2016. His work has been screened in around 100 festivals, including Berlin, SXSW, Cairo and Vienna. California Dreams is the film that will be presenting Ott in the first edition of the Contemporary Film Festival: BlackCanvas. This film features five real people who have been trying to achieve success in Hollywood at all costs. Take a look at the dark side of the American Dream.

Festival Clip / California Dreams from SFFILM on Vimeo.

In Search of the American Dream | California Dreams United States | 2017 | DCP | Color | 83min

Director: Mike Ott. Screenplay: Mike Ott.

Producers: Heika Burninson, Nicole Shrub, Alex Gioulakis.

Photography: Mike Gioulakis.

Sound: Peter Bawiec, Jan Bezouska and Ginge Cox.

Edition: Gerald D. Rossini Cast: Cory Zacharia, Mark Borchardt, Hennig Gronkowski, Kevin Gilger, Patrick Llaguno, Neil Harley.

Production Company: Number 7 Films

We will receive the visit of this great filmmaker, who from 19 to 24 of September will enjoy the Canvas experience and present “California Dreams” within the section Our days.

Visit: www.blackcanvasfcc.com