Director / Director: Elena Lpez Riera

Guión / Screenplay: Philippe Azoury, Elena Lpez Riera

Productor / Producer: David Epiney, Eugenia Mumenthaler

Fotografía / Cinematography: Giuseppe Truppi

Edición / Editing: Raphal Lefvre

Sonido / Sound: Carlos Ibaez Diaz

Compañía Productora / Production Company: Alina Film, Les Films du Worso, Suica Films

Reparto / Cast: Luna Pamis, Brbara Lennie, Nieve de Medina, Alberto Olmo

Sinopsis / Synopsis:

It is summer in a small town in the southeast of Spain. A storm threatens to overflow the river that runs through it again. An old popular belief affirms that some women are predestined to disappear with each new flood because they have "the water inside". Ana (Luna Pamies) lives with her mother (Brbara Lennie) and her grandmother (Nieve de Medina) in a house that the rest of the town looks at with suspicion. In the midst of the electric atmosphere that precedes the rain, Ana meets Jos (Alberto Olmo) while fighting to throw away the ghosts.

Biografía / Biography:

Elena Lpez Riera is a Doctor in Audiovisual Communication, filmmaker, programmer and teacher. Her works have been exhibited at festivals such as Cannes, Locarno, San Sebastin, Cinma du rel, Rio de Janeiro, Hiroshima, Fidocs, Cali or Rekjiavik. Her latest short film, Those Who Wish, has been honored with the Pardino de Oro at Locarno and nominated for the European Film Awards, among other awards. As a programmer, she has worked for the Entrevues de Belfort festival, the Seville European Festival and the Visions du rel festival, where she is currently part of the selection committee. She has taught at the Universities of Geneva, Valencia and Carlos III (Madrid). She has also participated in the Tabakalera international seminar in San Sebastin. She is currently writing her first feature film in residence at the Cinfondation in Cannes.

Festivales / Festivals:

Festival de Cannes - Seccin Quincena de realizadores - 2022, Francia

Contacto / Contact:

Thomas Duponchel