Press Conference, September 18th, Universidad de la Comunicación

Young Canvas Jury Lunch at Azotea Acapulco

Q&A with Rita Azevedo Gomes, October 2nd, Cineteca Nacional

Short Film Program 6, October 2nd, Cinemex Insurgentes

Directors Dinner at Trattoria, October 2nd

Directors Dinner at Rivera del Sur

UC Talks “New Critique on Film”, October 3rd, Foro UC

Masterclass “The author: film direction without compromise” Tomas Imbach, October 3rd, Foro UC

Q&A with Clemente Castor, October 3rd, Cinemex Insurgentes

Short Film Program 4, October 3rd, Cinemex Insurgentes

Stand Black Canvas at Cinemex Insurgentes, October 3rd

UC Talks “Contrast and Diversity: Emerging Production Models in Latin America”, October 4th, Foro UC

Directors lunch at Parnita and Forever Vegano

“Fracture: films that divided the programmers of the festival” by Carlos Ramos IndieLisboa, October 4th, Foro UC

Stand Black Canvas and Q&A at Cinemex Insurgentes, October 4th

Q&A with Ishtar Yasin, October 4th, Cinemex Insurgentes

Q&A with Henning Gronkowski, October 4th, Cineteca Nacional

UC Talks “New Horizons for the Contemporary Cinema”, October 5th, Foro UC

Q&A with Affonso Uchôa, October 5th, Cineteca Nacional

Q&A with Alejo Moguillansky, October 5th, Cineteca Nacional

Q&A with György Pálfi, October 6th, Cineteca Nacional

Q&A with Henning Gronkowski, October 6th, Cinemex Insurgentes

Masterclass “Cinema sketches for imagined films” Koldo Almandoz, October 7th, Foro UC