How Fernando Pessoa Saved Portugal

How Fernando Pessoa Saved Portugal
Comment Fernando Pessoa sauva le Portugal

Portugal, France, Belgium | 2018 | DCP | Color | 26 min | Eugène Green

FRIDAY 4 | CINEMEX PLAZA INSURGENTES SALA 6 | 18:00 HRS | 64 MIN (tiempo total)
TUESDAY 8 | CINEMEX PLAZA INSURGENTES SALA 6 | 17:00 HRS | 64 MIN (tiempo total)

Director: Eugène Green
Screenplay: Eugène Green
Cinematography: Raphaël O’bryne
Producer: Patrícia Almeida, Julien Naveau, Jérôme Vidal, Luís Urbano, Sandro Aguilar, Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne
Editing: Valérie Loiseleux
Sound: Henri Maïkoff, Benoît de Clerck, Stéphane Thiebaut
Production Company: Basilico filmes
Cast: Carloto Cotta, Manuel Mozos, Diogo Dória, Alexandre Pieroni Calado, Ricardo Gross, Mia Tomé, Eugène Green

During the 20’s, at the request of one of his employers, the poet Fernando Pessoa conceives an advertising slogan for the drink Coca-Louca, which panics the authoritarian government of that time.

Born in New York, Eugène Green lives in France since 1969, where he has adopted the nationality and language. His published books include essays, poetry, and six novels. Also as a filmmaker, he has written and directed seven feature films: Toutes les nuits, Le monde vivant, Le Pont des Arts, La religieuse portugaise, La sapienza, Faire la parole, (documentary film), and Le fils de Joseph.

Locarno - Official Selection 2019, Switzerland.