Once More

Once More


France | 1988 | DCP | Color | 83 min | Paul Vecchiali


Director: Paul Vecchiali
Screenplay: Paul Vecchiali
Cinematography: Georges Strouvé
Editing: Paul Vecchiali
Music: Roland Vincent
Production Company: Diagonale
Cast: Jean-Louis Rolland, Florence Giorgetti, Patrick Raynal, Pascale Rocard

Louis has a stable but monotonous job at a big enterprise. He is married to Sybèle, with whom he has a daughter, Anne-Marie. His taste for men is revealed to him by Yvan, a strange and fascinating character with whom Louis will never have any lover’s relationship. It is in Yvan’s house where Louis will meet Frantz, a sort of homosexual star that goes from bar to bar, a veteran seductor, cruel stoic. His mad love for Frantz will lead him to the horrors of vain waiting, of uncertain hope: frustration and humiliation are just around the corner… Once More, a film that shows an extremely rigorous formal system –shot in very few sequence-shots– was also the first French film to treat frontally the matter of AIDS.


Paul Vecchiali (Corsica, 1930) is a French filmmaker and writer. Despite being a fervent admirer of the classical French cinema that was buried unjustly by the Cahiers du cinéma, he worked as a film critic for this magazine during a couple of years until he eventually directed his first feature in 1966. He went on to direct three films which were celebrated mainly by the critics and intellectuals of the time -from Serge Daney to Pier Paolo Pasolini- and then, in 1976 he created the production company Diagonale, which Serge Bozon declared the most important movement in French cinema since the Nouvelle vague. It is within this company that he produces his own films and later shelters a group of younger filmmakers whose thematical and stylistic interests were similar to his (Jean-Claude Biette, Marie-Claude Treilhou, Jean-Claude Guiguet and even Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet). After Diagonale´s collapse, in 1994, Vecchiali started a new phase of his career which is made up of amateur films shot without much financial aid and which is still running today. His films have been shown in film festivals such as Cannes, Venice, Berlin, among many others. He has also written novels and an encyclopedia in two tomes on the French cinema of the thirties.