The Conquest Of Faro

The Conquest Of Faro
A Conquista de Faro

Portugal | 2005 | 35 mm | Color | 33 min | Rita Azevedo Gomes

SUNDAY 6 | CINETECA NACIONAL SALA 9 | 16:00 HRS | 105 MIN (total running time) (Q&A with Director)

Director: Rita Azevedo Gomes
Screenplay:  Agustina Bessa-Luís
Producer: Paulo Rocha
Cinematography: Acácio de Almeida
Editing: Edgard Feldman, Rita Azevedo Gomes
Sound: Tiago Matos, Joaquim Pinto
Production Company: Suma Filmes para Faro Capital Nacional de Cultura
Cast: Rita Durão, Anísio Franco, João Reis, Leonor Baldaque, Marie Carré, João Pedro Bénard, Manuel Cintra Ferreira, Rafael Almeida, Tânia Martins


Dreaming means there’s a better way to do things.
Love is a form of efficiency, something we need to throw the horror off our trail.

As a summer’s day draws to a close, two couples meet in a chance encounter in a country inn near Faro. Their conversation comes round to a story about how in 1250 the Moorish-occupied city of Faro fell to Portuguese king Afonso III. But the key to what happened is fiction, and not what passes for fact. Or as one character says, “There’s more padding than plain truth in History. You have to draw the line, somewhere!” For “Afonso, a man well versed in the intrigues of the court and the ways of the human heart, had a different plan”...
And as the four of them talk round the same table, the ties and alliances which marked that remote episode begin once again to take form. We haven’t changed so much after all… It’s not something you understand; it’s something you ponder.

Rita Azevedo Gomes is a versatile and independent filmmaker whose enduring interest is in exploring new ways of expression. Her work spans cinema; theatre, opera and other arts. 
For over 30 years she worked closely with João Bénard da Costa, first in the Gulbenkian Foundation’s Cinema Department and then, after 1993, at the Cinemateca Portuguesa. During this time she has established a solid reputation for her graphic design work in film catalogues and cinema-related publications.
Her films have been screened and acclaimed in international film festivals - Venice, Locarno, Montreal, Bafici, Roterdam, Turin, Viennale, Jeonju, Doc Lisboa, Marseille, Cinesul Rio, among others - and distributed in Portugal, France and Spain. In 2014, Bafici organized a full retrospective of her work, which was followed by Festival de Cine Europeo de Sevilla and Filmoteca de Madrid.
Rita Azevedo Gomes works as a programmer for the Cinemateca Portuguesa. She also curates exhibitions and publications. She is presently working on her next film co-directed with Pierre Léon and Jean-Louis Schefer (in post-production).