Winter´s Night

Winter´s Night

South Korea| 2018| DCP | Color | 92 minutes | Jang Woo-jin

SUNDAY 6 | CINEMEX REFORMA CASA DE ARTE SALA 1 | 19:30 HRS | 91 MIN (Q&A with director)
(Q&A with director)


Director: Jang Woo-jin
Screenplay: Jang Woo-jin
Producer: Kim Dae-hwan
Cinematography: Yang Jeong-hoon
Editing: Jang Woo-jin
Production Company: Bonmae Films
Cast: Seo Young-hwa, Yang Heung-ju, Lee Sang-hee

A middle-age couple, Eun-ju and Heung-ju visit Chuncheon´s Cheongpyeong Temple in 30 years where they spent the night together for the first time. On the way from the Temple, Eun-ju finds out that she lost her phone. Heung-ju wants to find it on the next day, but somehow Eun-ju hurries away to find her phone. As the night goes on, couple´s sleepless winter night unfolds, bringing several people on their paths. Those unexpected encounters spur them on the reflect on themselves and when they reunite at the end of night, Eun-ju and Heung-ju reveal their deepest thoughts.

After graduating from Hongik University’s School of Film, Video and Moving Image, Jang Woo-jin attended Dankuk University to study directing. His graduation project and feature debut, A Fresh Start, won first place in the Korean Competition Section at the Jeonju International Film Festival. And he was also invited to the Filmmakers of the Present Section at Locarno International Film Festival. Autumn, Autumn is his second feature film and the film was invited to several film festivals including Berlinale-Forum and Busan International Film Festival. Winter’s Night is his 3rd film and also a part of 2018 Jeonju Cinema Project.

International Film Festival Rotterdam – 2018, Netherlands
Mar del Plata International Film Festival – 2018, Argentine
San Francisco International Film Festival – 2019, United States
Jeonju International Film Festival – 2018, South Korea