Outrage Coda

Outrage Coda
Japan | DCP | 2017 | Color | 104min

Director: Takeshi Kitano
Script: Takeshi Kitano
Producers: Masayuki Mori, Takio Yoshida
Cinematography: Katsumi Yanagijima
Sound: Yoshifumi Kureishi
Music: Keiichi Suzuki
Edited: Takeshi Kitano
Cast: Beat Takeshi, Toshiyuki Nishida, Nao Omori, Pierre Taki, Yutaka Matsushige, Ren Ohsugi, Sansei Shiomi, Hakuryu, Tatsuo Nadaka, Ken Mitsuishi, Taizo Harada, Hiroyuki Ikeuchi, Kanji Tsuda, Tokio Kaneda, Ikuji Nakamura, Ittoku Kishibe
Production Companies: Bandai Visual, Tv Tokyo, Warner Bros, Pictures Japan, Tohokushinsha Film Corporation, Office Kitano


Takeshi Kitano
Takeshi Kitano launched his directorial career with VIOLENT COP (‘89), in which he also starred under his performer's name Beat Takeshi. He continued to direct feature films in the following years: BOILING POINT ('90), A SCENE AT THE SEA (’91), Sonatine (’93), GETTING ANY? (‘95) and KIDS RETURN (’96) until finally establishing his acclaim as a master filmmaker with HANA-BI (‘97), the winner of the Golden Lion at the 1997 Venice Film Festival, which garnered him numerous domestic and international awards. He followed it up with KIKUJIRO (’99); the internationally co-produced action film, BROTHER (’01); Dolls (’02) and then his first period film, ZATOICHI (’03) won him the Venice Silver Lion Best Director award. His self-reflective trilogy; TAKESHIS’ (’05); GLORY TO THE FILMMAKER! (’07); ACHILLES AND THE TORTOISE (’08) followed. His subse- quent films such as OUTRAGE ('10), a violence entertainment film where “everyone is a villain,” its sequel OUTRAGE BEYOND ('12) and his comedy RYUZO AND HIS SEVEN HENCHMEN ('15) were all box office hits. OUTRAGE CODA is his 18th film as a director.


Five years after surviving the all-out war between the Sanno and Hanabishi crime families, former yakuza boss Otomo now works in South Korea for Mr. Chang, a renowned fixer whose influence extends into Japan. A relatively minor incident causes tensions to rise between Chang Enterprises and the faraway powerful Hanabishi. The growing convict gets out of hand and ignites a ferocious power struggle among the top echelons of the Hanabishi. When eventually Chang's life is endangered, devoted yakuza Otomo returns to Japan to settle things once and for all.


Venice Film Festival