Director / Director: Lur Olaizola

Guión / Screenplay: Lur Olaizola

Productor / Producer: Lur Olaizola

Fotografía / Cinematography: Gerard Ortn Castellv, Maddi Barber Gutirrez

Edición / Editing: Maddi Barber Gutirrez, Lur Olaizola Lizarralde

Sonido / Sound: Oriol Campi Sol

Sinopsis / Synopsis:

An actress and a filmmaker rehearse a film script.
The script gathers fragments from the diary that Mara Dolores Gonzlez Katarain, Yoyes, wrote during her exile in Mexico between 1980 and 1985, right after she quit ETA, the armed organization she had led for some time. As the script unfolds, glimpses and references to other women gradually emerge amidst Yoyes' words: Ulrike Meinhof, Simone de Beauvoir, Roco Dazescobar, Alexandra Kollontai, Tina Modotti.
Meanwhile, it gets darker outside.

Biografía / Biography:

Lur Olaizola Lizarralde (Donostia, 1988) is a film curator and filmmaker. From 2015, she coordinates the audiovisual program at Tabakalera, International Center for Contemporary Culture where she has curated, among others, the focus From the Beginning. Histories of Feminist Cinema, with programs in Tabakalera and Artium. In 2017 she curated the first retrospective of Jos Val del Omar in New York (Distant Touch: Jos Val del Omar, Anthology
Film Archives). As a filmmaker she has directed two short films, Xulia (2019) and Zerua Blu (2020, Grand Award Best Spanish Short Film, Zinebi 2020). Her third film is Hirugarren Koadernoa (Third notebook).
In 2021 she was selected to be a Berlinale Talent. Since 2020 she is a professor at Elas Querejeta Zine Eskola. She is part of the selection committee of Punto de Vista festival.

Festivales / Festivals:

- Cinema Du Rel - Competition - 2022, France

Contacto / Contact:

Lur Olaizola