The 7th edition of Black Canvas Contemporary Film Festival will takeplace from September 29 to October 8, 2023, with a risky and challengingprogram, as well as a series of activities that will allow us to immerseinto the thinking and reflection of cinema. We invite you to go beyondthe canvas.

Aware of the current situation, related to the challenging and riskyspirit that its history demands, Black Canvas Contemporary Film Festivalalways transforms; seeks new paths to offer the best of internationalauteur cinema and continue consolidating itself as one of the mostradical and purposeful festivals in the country.

Seeking to expand the exhibition options in order to meet the needs ofthe Mexican public, Black Canvas Contemporary Film Festival continues tooffer the best of the seventh art in our physical venues: CinetecaNacional, Cineteca Nacional de las Artes and Universidad de laComunicación as a meeting point to celebrate cinema with free screeningsand the FilminLatino digital headquarters continues to be added to thislist, accessible to the entire national territory, as a window thatamplifies the decentralization of cinema and offers what we consider themost important of the film panorama of the last year; in whichcinephiles from all over the country will be able to discover and delveinto the online programming offer of the seventh edition.

In parallel, through various face-to-face, digital and media spaces suchas our website and social networks, with the support of the Universidadde la Comunicación, conversations, Q&As, round tables and diversity ofcontent will be offered within the framework of our Canvas Extensionsection, a training space and reflection on the cinema of our time,which will take place from Monday, October 2 to Friday, October 6.

The Transmutation Continues: as part of our incessant search, we proudlypresent a pioneering section on avant-garde cinema Beyond the Canvas,focused on selecting the proposals with the most radical and challengingoffering on the international film scene. Added to this competition areour Nuevo Horizonte International Feature Film Competition, the NuevoHorizonte and Mexico Short Film Competitions within the Canvas. All ofthem will have a jury of international and national guests who willhonor us with their physical presence in what will be a filmcelebration.

The schedule of our competitions, guests, juries, as well as the rest ofour activities can be found on our website. We invite you to stay up todate on our social networks where we will share more surprises anddetailed information about our seventh edition.

Hoping that you and your loved ones are well, we send you a warmgreeting, hoping to meet and enjoy together the best of contemporarycinema from September 29 to October 8, 2023.