Director / Director: Barbora Sliepkov

Guión / Screenplay: Barbora Sliepkov

Productor / Producer: Barbara Janiov Feglov

Fotografía / Cinematography: Maxim K?ujev, Michal Fulier, Barbora Sliepkov

Edición / Editing: Mt Csuport

Sonido / Sound: Michal Horvth

Musica / Music: Jonatn Pastir?k

Compañía Productora / Production Company: HITCHHIKER Cinema

Reparto / Cast: Katarna Androv, Maro Bango, Mat ?upka, Zuzana?upkov, Roman ?uri, ?ubo Gajdo, Petra Haganov,Michal Hulk, Daniel Reme?, Andrea Rokov,Blanka Rokov, Augustn Runglk, Helena Takcsov

Sinopsis / Synopsis:

Blanka fights with loneliness on the balcony of her Petralka apartment. The city is dotted with billboards as municipal elections await. Mat wants to become a municipal councilor. Real estate agent Michal shows his clients images of a happy life through Bratislava apartments and two road workers paint traffic markings that guide passersby. After work, they drink beer in their boarding house and muse about life. A timid Danko observes the city, which is changing too fast for his taste. He listens to it and wishes to capture the rhythm of normalcy, the flow of the days. Where does public space cease and where does intimacy begin? This is what everyday sociology comprises.

Biografía / Biography:

Barbora graduated from the Film and Television Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. She is regularly involved in the creative process of auteur documentary films, and radio and photo projects. She directed Xenophobia (2018) as one episode of the documentary series Unsung Heroes produced by HITCHHIKER Cinema. Her film About My Sister (2016) won the main prize of the jury and the audience award in the competition section IN THE MIDDLE OF EUROPE at the 24th IFFC Febiofest.
At the moment she is collaborating with filmmakers Viera ?knyov and Lucia Kaov on the anthology film about ecological catastrophes in Slovakia.

Festivales / Festivals:

Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival - Opus Bonum Award - 2021, Czech Republic

Contacto / Contact:

Barbara Janiov Feglov, HITCHHIKER Cinema,
Matej Sotnk, FILM EXPANDED,, +421 903 875 877
Adam Straka, FILM EXPANDED,, +421 904 054 960