Germany | 2018 | DCP | Color | 95 min | Henning Gronkowski

FRIDAY 4 | CINETECA NACIONAL SALA 10 | 21:45 HRS | 95 MIN (Q&A with Director)
SUNDAY 6 | CINEMEX PLAZA INSURGENTES SALA 6 | 21:30 HRS | 95 MIN (Q&A with Director)


Director: Henning Gronkowski
Screenplay: Henning Gronkowski
Producer: Henning Gronkowski, Anatol Nitschke, Mike Ott
Cinematography: Adam Ginsberg
Editing: Bobby Good, Olivia Neergaard-Holm, Zoe Mougin
Sound: Johannes Kunz, Jan Bezouska, Matz Müller
Music:: MC NZI, DJ Hell, Abblou, Vegas, Fango, Malakoff Kowalski, Benjamin Lysaght, Cameron Avery
Production Company: G.G. Production GmbH, deutschfilm GmbH
Cast: Janaina Liesenfeld, Emily Lau, Joy Grant, Abbie Dutton

YUNG is a trip following four young girls into the pulsating and hedonistic subculture of modern day Berlin. But above all, it’s a pure, rough and authentic pic about friendship.
Janaina (17) makes some extra money via web cam porn. To her best friend Emmy (18) the whole city is a crack-hole, not realizing that she’s getting deeper into the cycle of addiction. Joy (17) muses about love when she is not actually selling drugs, and sweet Abbie (16) just dreams of escaping to Los Angeles.
YUNG is a rollercoaster ride through the millenial teenage lifestyle.

Henning Gronkowski, born 1988, is a director, producer and actor. He began his acting career as a teenager in FINALE (2006). Since then he has played leading roles in five more films by legendary German indie director Klaus Lemke, including NO BIG THING and UNDERWEARLIES.
In 2012 he founded his own independent film production house, G.G. Production GmbH, based in Berlin. As a director and producer he shot several music videos for independent but also major label artists and reached millions of clicks.
YUNG is Gronkowski’s feature film directing debut. He wrote the script based on modern day Berlin teenagers and their hedonistic lifestyle. It’s a realistic, extreme and rough but beautiful portrait of this new “Lost Generation” – and it’s dedicated to them.

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2018, Estonia.
Filmfest München 2018 2018, Germany.